Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ineffective Superhero: Dr. Incredibly Old

"No one at Shady Trees Retirement home knows exactly where Dr. Incredibly Old came from, just that he was THE HERO of his time (whenever that was). He patrols the dark empty halls at night bringing justice to security guards, reflective objects, and bedpans. While not an official resident of the Shady Trees facility, it is thought that he resides somewhere in the darkest depths of the pharmaceutical closet. He tends to leave a trail of rabbit droppings wherever he goes, this calling card evokes fear in the hearts of his adversaries and hope in the helpless elderly that depend on him most."

Had a lot of fun with this!

colored pencil and marker on computer paper.


  1. Really great stuff! I love how much you pushed the shapes here. The bunny slippers are a nice touch!

  2. it kind of reminds me of the old ladies in Coraline, same creepy saggy awesomeness and same kind of colors. Nice job :)

  3. Creepy and awesome! Fun drawing plus I love the story behind it.